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all the very best of us
string ourselves up for love 

Rave On
Buddy Holly

Happy birthday, Buddy!

Leonard Cohen — “Chelsea Hotel #2” (live)

"I remember you well in the Chelsea Hotel

you were famous, your heart was a legend.

You told me again you preferred handsome men

but for me you would make an exception.”

Spoon — “I Summon You”

"Remember the weight of the world? It’s a sound that we used to buy on cassette and 45, and now this little girl, she says, ‘Will we make it at all? 800 miles is a drive.’"


What a tale.



Stephen Colbert and Dolly Parton sing Love is Like A Butterfly.

Anyone want rare Beatles music?

Here’s a link to download the Beatles’ fan-club Christmas singles!


I am obsessed with you!



New Santigold. Listen HERE